Abortion Human Rights Essay

When one considers all the protections granted us by modern governments, it is surprising that so many human rights violations still exist; for example, there is still forced child labour and slave trading going on in our world. One violation, which often falls under the radar of human rights protections is abortion, even though it is performed over 100,000 times a year in Canada. Abortion is a direct violation of every human's right to life, protected by the UN Human Rights Declaration Article 3, because it deprives pre-born humans of their very lives. The UN Declaration of Human Rights clearly states: "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" (Article 3). 

Whenever faced with such a confrontation the first argument raised is that the pre-born are not human. However, according to the Law of Biogenesis it must be human since this states that every species must reproduce after their own kind (Law of Biogenesis). That means a dog can only bear dogs and cats only cats. Logically, it follows that humans can only reproduce more humans. "The baby is human from the moment of conception. When the one cell it is made of has characteristic 46 chromosomes of the human species, it is unique from that moment. Eighteen days after conception [your} baby's heart is already beating, probably pumping a different blood type [than yours] …. Forty days after conception, (doctors) have recorded brain waves. If you touch a little baby's nose at that point it will draw its head back, so there is definitely some sensation at that time" (Dr. McMillan) Despite this knowledge, many today are still unwilling to face the fact of the pre-born being fully human and therefore deserving of the right to life. 

Logic and medical evidence dictate that the pre-born must be human, yet the next argument of the pro-abortionist lobby is that this human is not alive. Today, scientists can prove with the help of ultra-sound and modern technology that indeed the unborn is growing and moving around in the womb and it can even feel pain. "In fact, unborn babies probably feel pain more intensely than adults. This is a uniquely vulnerable time since the pain system is fully established, yet the higher level pain-modifying system has barely begun to develop” (Dr. Paul Ranalli). 

Another method of attempting to prove the pre-born do not deserve the right to life can be shortened to one abbreviation- SLED: Size, Level of development, Environment and Dependency. For example, debaters often argue that the pre-born has no right to life because it is totally dependant on the mother. This is a form of discrimination towards the pre-born, because the foundation of this argument rests the right to life on dependency. So what they are basically saying is, that humans with a great dependency on someone have no right to exist. In this case, we should think about the dependency of a toddler and a teenager. The teenager is less dependent than the toddler for obvious reasons. The argument that less dependent people have no right to life would mean the toddler should not be able to exist. However, we all know this would not be a just decision. Then logically, it is an unjust decision to kill an innocent human pre-born child based on its dependency. If one were to look at all forms of SLED one would recognize a pattern; that all are a form of discrimination towards the pre-born. "The SLED tactic exposes the argument for abortion for what it really is: unjust discrimination" (Alan Shelmon). 

Following these arguments, there is no debate. Abortion is a violation of the Human Right to Life. Instead of killing our young ones, our future- the ones who are going to take care of us when we cannot - we should be doing everything in our power to ensure their survival in our world. If we do not start realizing the value of life in its early stages, then soon there will be no value in life at all, and there will be no reason why you and I have right to life.

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Alisa Wiedemer

Alisa is currently a grade 10 student. She is the youngest member of our PEI Right to Life Youth Ambassador Team, and comes to us from Germany. She is very glad to be part of the team and enjoys fighting for the right to life for those who can't speak for themselves.

Abortion and Human Rights

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Abortion and Human Rights

The most important issue in balancing individual human rights with social responsibility in my point of view is abortion. The law that was passed so that abortions would be legal was a good decision. The anti-abortions have very sound points, but it should be up to the women to make her choice. Abortion has been debated for decades and always will be.
Ever since Roe vs. Wade, abortion has been a very hot topic. When Jane Roe sued for the right to have an abortion she was pregnant with an unwanted child. In the state of Texas where she lived, she could not find a doctor to perform the abortion because it was against the law. An abortion would only be performed if carrying a baby to full term would threaten the mother’s life. Roe had to have her baby and give it up for adoption. If abortions were legal at that time she would not have to go though such drastic measures. The law should stand that if a woman is seeking an abortion that she would have a safe place for it to be performed and it is legal. Many women have either lost their lives or had many complications for seeking out illegal abortions. By no means should a woman use abortion as a means of birth control, but she should have the right to choose when she brings a life into this world.
Anti-Abortionist believes that it is against the laws of God to have an abortion. If it is against God’s law, then it should between her and God’s if she will receive punishment for her decision. Some think it is still wrong to have an abortion if it threatens the mother’s life. Those who oppose abortions believe that if you don’t want your baby then you can give it up for adoption or kept it because there are organizations that can help you. Giving a child up for adoption is a good route if you don’t want to keep your baby. Sometimes these unwanted children sit in orphanages until they are eighteen. The tax papers are paying for these children. It is it right for society to pay for the mistake of others? I don’t believe so. Everyone has a responsibility to society and should be responsible in society. There are many forms of birth control but none are one hundred percent.

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So if a woman is in a situation in which she wants to terminate her pregnancy, she should be allowed without people yelling at her that she is a murderer.
Abortion is a very sensitive topic. There will always be controversy surrounding this issue. Having the right to choose should be a basic human right. This ensures that society won’t have to pay for the long term care of unwanted children. If you want to be a responsible citizen in society, you should not do anything that would put a burden on society. If keeping abortions legal is a way of keeping the burden off society then it so be it.


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