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According to industry analysts, email volume in organizations is growing by more than 30% annually, and the average user receives 7MB of data per day via email. if not more. As a result of this growth, the handling of email has become a critical business, IT and regulatory issue - driving the need for email archiving solutions. Most organizations looking for an email archiving solution are motivated by four reasons: mailbox/server management, compliance/records retention, eDiscovery/litigation support, and knowledge management/IP protection. In addition to these challenges, IT departments want to know how to control costs of the email environment, while keeping important data accessible for business, legal and regulatory users.
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About 25 or so years ago, emerging document imaging and document management software vendors were touting the “paperless” office as the next new thing.

Looking around our offices – and our customers offices – that didn't happen.

True, document imaging and document management (and enterprise content management) have made inroads into reducing paper for some businesses and some business processes. But it's been harder than everyone touted nearly three decades ago. The force of the paper habit remains strong (though, who knows, maybe the coming influx of millennials into the workforce and their born-digital experiences will lead us away from paper).

As a company that sells and leases copiers and printers, why do I continue to talk about paperless and document management? Simple – paper documents, faxes, and photocopiers continue to play an important role in many business' productivity. With copiers and standalone printers intelligently combined with document management software (such as Laserfiche), you can really ratchet up your productivity and save time and money. (Click here for our posts on document management and process automation.)

Paper All Over

There's a LOT of paper in offices. InfoTrends estimates 130 pounds, per worker, per year is used. Forrester estimates 1 billion photocopies per day.

AIIM research indicates that a lack of knowledge holds companies back from removing paper from business processes – 39% of respondents to a survey cited a lack of understanding and awareness of paper-free options. Hint: less-paper options ARE available today.

The same AIIM research, Paper-free 2016 – are we there yet?, shows a rising demand for less paper in some instances:

  • 46% see some rise in the demand for paperless communications
  • 19% see a rapid increase in that demand

It costs money to store that paper: filing cabinets lining your hallways, conference rooms, and offices; entire rooms devoted to file storage; and offsite storage costs at services like Iron Mountain. Not to mention the time it takes to find a paper file.

The Cost of Paper

Searching for the right information on paper takes time. Losing paper documents means those documents need to be recreated. Here are a few costs:

  • 59% of 1,000 middle managers say they miss important information daily because even though it exists, they can't find it because it's on paper. (Source: Accenture)
  • A company with 1,000 workers wastes $2.5M to $3.5M each year looking for information that doesn't exist, not finding information that does, and recreating information that can't be found. (Source: IDC)
  • A 2013 report estimated that executives spend an average of six weeks each year looking for lost documents. (Source: Esselte)
  • Companies misfile 20% of their documents, essentially losing them. (Source: ARMA)

The first step to removing paper from business processes is to realize it's possible – and will provide a solid ROI for your business. Document imaging and document management are two of the most reliable softwares in the IT world. Many of the vendors have been around for decades. The software works. And there's a large pool of resources to help you achieve your goals.

And, of course, the digital copiers we provide can serve as the starting part of your less-paper initiative.

If you're in state or local government, I encourage you to check out our Laserfiche document management road show event in march – click here for details [this even is over, though there will be another event in Spring of 2018. Everyone else (and those of you in government too), click here to get in touch with us to see how we can help you become more productive and effective with document management.



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