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Graduate Admissions

How to apply for graduate admission in the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature

Admission requirements:

A student seeking admission into any graduate program in the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, ideally in the proposed field. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA) for the last 60 undergraduate hours completed and/or a combined score of 1000 or higher on the verbal and analytical sections of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). In addition, students must have two letters of recommendation; a two to three-page typed, double-spaced autobiographical statement (written in English) indicating the nature of their preparation for graduate work and the reasons for seeking the M.A. in the proposed field; and a writing sample (ideally, a research paper) in the language of the proposed field. Prospective applicants for graduate work in Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature are encouraged to schedule an interview (by phone for out-of-town/state candidates) with the department's director of graduate studies, Dr. Michael Horswell (horswell@fau.edu / 561.297.3863). Applicants who fail to meet the GRE or GPA requirements, and/or who lack a strong background in proposed field, may be admitted on a conditional basis.

Application Procedures for Graduate Studies in Languages and Linguistics

In order to be admitted to the Graduate program in French, Linguistics, Spanish or Comparative Literature, you must file two applications. The first application must be delivered to the Office of Graduate Admissions and Studies; the second to the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature. Here are step-by-step procedures to follow:

  1. First application dossier (for the Office of Graduate Admissions and Studies)
    1. Visit the website of the Office of Graduate Admissions and Studies at Florida Atlantic University, to download application forms and learn more details about graduate studies at their website.
    2. Fill out and submit the application to:
      Office of Graduate Admissions and Studies
      SU 80, Room 101 (Student Support Services Building, Boca campus)
      777 Glades Road / Florida Atlantic University
      Boca Raton, FL 33431
      (Phone: 561-297-3624; Fax: 561-297-1212)
    3. This application must be accompanied by official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed at previous institutions of higher learning. If you have studied at a non-U.S. institution, you must provide an official evaluation/translation of the relevant transcript(s). Click here for a list of accredited evaluators and translators recognized by FAU’s Office of Graduate Admissions.
  2. Second application dossier (for the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature)
    All candidates must establish an application file directly with the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature. The file must contain the following items, and must be delivered directly to the department:
    Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature
    GS 212 (General Classrooms South, Boca Raton campus)
    Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
    777 Glades Road
    Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991
    (Tel: 561-297-3860; Fax: 561-297-2657)
    Documents that must be submitted to the department:
    1. Two letters of recommendation, preferably from university professors who can attest to your academic ability and potential for graduate study.
    2. A "statement of purpose," which is a brief essay (220-440 words) that outlines your interest and goals in pursuing graduate study. This should be written in English, since it will be read by the entire graduate committee.
    3. A "writing sample," preferably a scholarly paper written during your undergraduate career. If you are planning to study in French, it is required that the sample be written in French.
    4. A copy of your official graduate application and copies of any relevant transcripts. If your transcripts are in French, please include copies of the original (untranslated, French-language) versions; these give us valuable information.
    5. Please be sure to include contact information (phone number and email) so that the Director of Graduate Studies can reach you in a timely manner.
  3. There are a limited number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships available for full-time students. These awards provide an annual stipend and tuition remission, in exchange for teaching or assisting in the Department of Languages and Linguistics. If you are interested in applying for this financial support, please be sure to indicate this on your application and in your statement of purpose.
  4. The Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature has a policy of "rolling admissions," which means we accept students for Fall, Summer and Spring enrollments. It is recommended, however, that students interested in full-time study and teaching assistantships apply as early as possible. The teaching assistantships are competitive, and a student stands a better chance of receiving one when applying early.
  5. It is recommended that International Students begin this process as early as possible. In most cases, international students must obtain a student visa, which requires additional paperwork. More information for international students is available at the official website for the Graduate College: (http://www.fau.edu/graduate/applyonline/international.php), as well as at the official website of the Office of International Students and Scholars: (http://www.fau.edu/international/).

Kudos to Our Most Recent Graduates!

Summer 2008

Tai Houser (LLL)

Mind the Gap: Overcoming Dualities in Motor City, USA

Margaret (Peggy) Schaller (LLL) 

An Alternative Enlightenment: The Moral Philosophy of Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont (1711-1780)


Carolina M. Seiden (LLL)

Kathleen Barsalou (LLL) 

The Age of William A. Dunning: The Realm of Myth Meets the Yellow Brick Road


Rita Butler (PI)

The Reality of Fiction: Diagnosing White Culture through the Lens of Mother/Nature in Zora Neale Hurston's Seraph on the Suwanee


Pamela Haley (PI)

 The Filipina-South Floridian International Internet Marriage Practice: Agency, Structure, and Paradox


Alessandra Senzani (LLL)
 Women, Film, and Oceans A/Part: The Critical Humor of Tracey Moffatt, Monica Pellizzari, and Clara Law


Lois Wolfe (LLL)
 Toward a Pragmatics of Intent: Cognitive Approaches in Creative and Critical Writing

Spring 2009

Jamie Johnson (LLL)
 The Animal in 20th Century Literature 

Eloise (Kitty) Oliver (PI)
 Cross-cultural Stories of Race and Change: 
Re-languaging the Public Discourse on Race and Ethnicity


Summer 2009

Valerie Czerny (LLL)
 Let Them Run Wild: Childhood, the Nineteenth-Century Storyteller, and the Ascent of the Moon


Cynthia Zaitz (FPA)
 Matters of Life and Death: A Comparative Analysis of Content in Maori Traditional and Contemporary Art and Dance as a Reflection of Fundamental Maori Cultural Issues and the Formation and Perpetuation of Maori and Non-Maori Cultural Identity in New Zealand


Fall 2009

Rebecca Kuhn (PI) 
 Preaching to the Choir: The Culture War and the Box Office Success of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ


Jeffrey R. Young (PI)
Commodification of Sexual Labor: The Contribution of Internet Communities to Prostitution Reform

Spring 2010

Emmanuel Alvarado (LLL)
 Beyond Culture Wars: The Role of Religiosity in the Public Support for Social Safety Net Policies in Contemporary America


Jane S. Day (PI)
 Preacher's Cave: Developing a National Heritage Tourism Site in Eleuthera, Bahamas


Jerry Durbeej (LLL)
 Existential Consciousness, Redemption, and Buddhist Allusions in the Work of Saul Bellow


Fatin Morris Guirguis (LLL) 
 The Vision of Theophilus: Resistance through Orality among the Persecuted Copts

Summer 2010

Andrea Best (PI)
 Beyond Sustainability Narratives: Justice and Complex Systems Thinking for Just Sustainable Viability


Jill Kriegel (LLL) 
 Augustinian Virtue in the Dickensian World: The Role of Christian Friendship in the Conversion of Souls and the Move Toward the Heavenly City 


Rhianna Rogers (LLL) 
 Documenting Cultural Transition Through Contact Archaeology in Tíhoo, Mérida, Yucatán

Fall 2010

David Bethea (FPA) 
 More Branches on the Oldest Tree: Tradition and Experimentation through Improvisation in the Music of Post-Katrina New Orleans


Savena Budhu (LLL) 
 The South Asian Diaspora in the Caribbean: Migration, Nationalism, and Exodus in Contemporary Indo-Guyanese Literature


John Silver (PI) 
 Nursing and National Healthcare Implications with the Rise of the California Nurses Association and the National Nurse Organizing Committee


Niki Wilson (LLL)  
The Intersection of Gender & Italian/Americaness: Hegemony in The Sopranos

Spring 2011

Robert Axberg 
 Empathy as a Function of the Sublime and Beautiful in a Wilderness Environment


Walter Burton 
 Improving Communication Based on Cultural Competency in the Business Environment


Susan D'Aloia 
 Long-Term Post-Katrina Volunteerism: The Ethics of an Imported Solidarity

Summer 2011

Walteria Tucker 
 Prepare, Process, Package: The Consumption of Haiti in Hispanic Caribbean Literature

Fall 2011

Regina Dilgen (LLL)  

Studied Girlhoods: Consciousness, Context, and Negotiation of Identity in the Memoirs of Dorothy Allison, Mary Karr, and Barbara Robinette Moss


Kristyl Williams Kepley (PI)

The Modeling of an Ecology of Language: Haitian Creole Among First and Second Generation Haitian College Students in South Florida


Jeffrey A. Nall (PI)

Interrogating Social Conceptualizations of Childbirth and Gender: An Ecofeminist Analysis


Spring 2012

Ana Zuim (FPA)   

Speech Inflection in American Musical Theatre Compositions


Fall 2012

Daniel Copher (FPA)  

Authenticity of Space: An Interdisciplinary Convergence of the Tradition of Sacred Music and Twenty-First Century Sacred Architecture


Shane Gunderson (PI)  

Social Movement Momentum, Intellectual Work and the East Timor Independence Movement


Nadja Johnson (PI) 

Diasporas as New Twenty-First-Century Transnational Movements: The Case of the Jamaican Diaspora

 Spring 2013

John R. Batey (PI)

Democratization and Exogenous Cultural Influence: Western Mass Media and Democratic Consolidation in Eastern Europe


Mark A. Kattoura (PI)

Global Warming in the Microblog Era: A Rhetorical Analysis of Twitter Dialogue between Exxon Mobil and GreenPeace USA


Merrie E. Meyers (PI)

Reading, Writing and Privatization: The Narrative That Helped Change the Nation's Public Schools


Elizabeth M. Petersen (LLL)

Building a Character: A Somaesthetics Approach to

Comedias and Women of The Stage


Nancy Carol Stein (PI)

Using the Visual to "See" Absence: The Case of Thessaloniki

Fall 2013

Sally C. Brown (FPA)

A Comparative Study of Current Practices of Selected University-Based Children's Chorus Directors in Relation to Arts Integration


Sheryl C. Gifford (LLL)

(Re)Making Men, Representing the Nation: The Anglo-Caribbean Male Writer's Individuation in Works by Robert Antoni, Fred D'Aguiar, and Marlong James


Spring 2014

Nazaré F. Feliciano (FPA)

Bodily Knowledge in Dance Transferred to the Creation of Sculpture


Jacqueline S. May (PI)

Americans All! The Role of Advertising in Re-Imaging Ethnicity in America: The Case of the War Advertising Council, 1939-1945


Jane M. Montonen (LLL)

Libertinage Et Feminisme Dans Les Lettres Du Colonel Talbert (1767) de Françoise-Albine Puzin de la Martiniére Benoist


Kathryn M. Morris (FPA)

Documentary Theatre: Pedagogue and Healer with Their Voices Raised

Summer 2014

Trudy Mercadal-Sabbagh (PI)

Prison Privatization in the United States: A New Strategy for Racial Control


Rosina P. Zimmer (PI)

Dante's Lucifer in the Commedia:  Music, Pride, and the Corruption of the Divine




For a complete list of graduates since the inception of the program, visit our website at http://www.fau.edu/comparativestudies/graduates



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