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In the News: January 26-February 1

Sg2 is dedicated to helping our clients interpret the latest news and trends in health care. Below you’ll find our analysis of this week’s key industry headlines, along with links to related Sg2 resources.

Alzheimer Disease in 2017: Maintaining Hope After Disappointment

A recent article in Kaiser Health News addresses the status quo of our nation’s sixth-leading cause of death: Alzheimer disease. With the latest disappointing results from Eli Lilly’s phase 3 clinical trial for solanezumab, the scientific community has suffered a major setback. Historically, however, clinical trials for neurodegenerative disease have had a 99% failure rate with no luck in producing a single drug that successfully treats Alzheimer disease. Current therapies for Alzheimer disease only treat the disease’s symptoms. The future of Alzheimer disease has never looked so disheartening, as the latest research predicts that with the aging baby boomer population, disease incidence will grow from 5 million today to 14 million in 2050.

Sg2 experts have extensively covered Alzheimer disease and have explored innovative interventions in this space:

  • To view Sg2’s infographic on Innovations in Alzheimer Disease and Dementia Care, click here.
  • To learn more and to review Sg2’s 10-year forecast for dementia and cognitive disorders, read the Sg2 FAQ: Alzheimer Disease and Dementia Care Landscape.

Health Affairs: Despite Modest Improvements in Experience, No Meaningful Gains From Medicare Incentives

A recent Health Affairs article examines improvements in patient experience in US hospitals and the impact of tying payment to performance under the Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Program from 2008 to 2014. The authors found that improvements had slowed in recent years, and they did not find evidence that the VBP program had a positive impact on patient experience.

Sg2 experts believe a multipronged approach is needed to improve patient experience. Read the Sg2 FAQ: Measuring and Improving Patient Experience (PDF) to learn about progressive organizations that have begun employing a host of tools and strategies to enhance experience, such as rapid surveys, direct patient engagement tools, proprietary physician ratings websites and chief experience officers.

2017 Consumer Survey Reports Strong Appetite for Virtual Health Visits

A new consumer survey conducted by American Well reports that 20% of patients would leave their health care provider for one that offered virtual health services. Younger people and parents were most likely to leave, citing convenience and lower costs as key draws. Consumers are highly interested in using virtual health for chronic disease management, prescription refills, and caring for an elderly parent or relative.

At Sg2, we believe that many organizations have not yet fully captured the tremendous value of virtual health as part of their enterprise-wide strategy. To move forward with virtual health, explore Sg2’s virtual health resource kit, which includes guiding principles, a strategic action plan and case studies from leading organizations.

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Sg2 Education

A changing health care industry requires new competencies to drive success, and your team members’ roles must evolve to meet these demands. Administrators will take on operational improvement initiatives, clinicians will assume even more leadership responsibility, service line leaders will be integral in planning, and strategic planners will play an active role in financial decision making. And all team members, regardless of role, will need to be savvy about ever-shifting market dynamics.

Within this new paradigm, Sg2 Education provides hands-on training programs covering leadership development, strategic planning, operations improvement and service line growth. Our team of MDs, RNs, PhDs, strategists and health care executives develop and deliver curricula designed to meet your objectives and challenges through a mix of short lectures, lively conversations and case studies that incorporate real-world examples. And every Sg2 Education offering is grounded in Sg2 Intelligence and Sg2 Analytics to help you translate concepts into data-driven, real-world results.

As your tackle your goals related to strategic planning, revenue growth, margin management, performance optimization and physician partnership, our unique perspective provides tomorrow’s leaders with the necessary tools to effect change today.

Sg2 Education helps your team:

  • Hone the business and leadership skills to stay ahead of the competition
  • Develop services that are patient focused and dedicated to quality
  • Think strategically about organizational initiatives to cut costs, drive efficiencies and develop programs that impact staffing, recruitment, retention and development needs
  • Reshape your traditional planning process by layering in a value-driven imperative
  • Use the right data to enhance your growth and performance initiatives

Every month, Sg2 clients have access to in-person and web-based education to help you translate data, explore trends and educate your teams. Recent examples include:

  • Observation Care Strategies: Planning in Uncertain Times
  • Health System Consolidation: Navigating the New Wave of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Developing Your Virtual Health Strategy
  • Care Coordination: A Strategy for Success in the Age of Accountability
  • How to Achieve Multimillion Dollar Value From Your EHR Investment
  • Service Line Organization and Structure


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