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The Role of Setting in John Steinbeck's Of Mice & Men Essay

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The Role of Setting in John Steinbeck's Of Mice & Men

Throughout time man has encountered many trials and tribulations. One of these unpredictable changes was the depression era in the Western region of America. From the beginning to the end of the novel, Of Mice & Men (1937), by John Steinbeck, life is portrayed as cruel and an insurmountable conquest. During the 1930's the worst economic collapse of the world occurred : the Depression. The setting throughout this novel sets the emotions high because of the hardships that were encountered by two men looking for work. These men were George Milton and Lennie Small. George was "small and quick and hard of the face, and had sharp strong features" (9). Lennie was the opposite a " huge…show more content…

This is telling of how the sand is soaking up the water and the temperature out side is blistering. In chapter two Steinbeck portrays bunkhouse as being not so cozy but because of the shortage of money the eight men had to sleep in the same room and only the bare necessities were given to them. "Against the walls were eight bunks, five of them had blankets on them and the other three showing their burlap ticking. Over each bunk there was a nailed apple box that had two shelves which were loaded with soap, talcum powder and razors" (34). This shows that all that you need is what you have and nothing more. There were no extra little things like candy or soda to fill someone's desires because of the huge increase in American poverty. There happened to be playing cards that initialed gambling. Gambling became huge during the depression and so did prostitution. " In the middle of the room stood a big square table littered with playing cards" (34). These little details give a picture perfect description to the time that we are dealing with.

Furthermore, Steinbeck gives a feeling of sadness and despair from the words of his novel in chapter three. He states "Although there was evening brightens showing through the windows of the bunk, in side it was dusk." They called it the depression era for one reason: people became depressed. They want

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Describe The Setting Of "Of Mice And Men" By John Steinbeck And Explain Why This Is Important

The novella "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck is set in Soledad, California. A very rough, dry and hot part of the USA. It took place during the 1930s whilst the depression was occurring. It is important that the novella is set in this time as the social attitudes of the time such as prejudism towards Blacks and women are represented in key events in the novella.

The 1930s was a very male dominate society. Steinbeck has accurately portrayed this in the novella by the fact that the male characters dominate the story and the female characters are represented only through Curleys Wife, a "tart" and "jail bait" in the workers eyes, who regularly is the reciever of prejudism because of the way she flaunts herself. Steinbeck has not even given her a name, thus also reflecting her social status, she is simply referred to as Curleys wife. The fact that she is married to Curley, the bosses son does not help her social status either. As Curley is very demanding of her, not letting her live her life and accomplish her dreams.

The majority of the novella is set at the ranch. Steinbeck has described the ranch using very literal and colloquial language, rarely using similies, to show the reader what the ranch looks like. It also reflects the life of the workers, very poor and simple. It is in the ranch where a lot of the prejudice happens, once again highlighting what things were like in the 1930s. One of the key prejudices is that of racial prejudice which is directed at crooks. Because he is Black he does not work with the other men, instead working in the stable. He is not even allowed to enter the bunkhouse, let alone sleep there, instead having to bunk in the harness room. He knows he is not welcome in the bunkhouse, saying things like "I ain't welcome...

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