My Thirteenth Winter Book Trailer Assignment

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See A Book Come to Life!

See A Book Come to Life!

Day 1 – Discussion

  • Directions
    • Divide into pairs
    • Log onto Titanpad
    • Sign in with BOTH team mates FIRST names – i.e. Judy & Carlene
    • Answer the question below.
    • Plant the cursor and begin writing.
    • Everyone will be writing at same time in real time – enjoy the creative space but it is limited to only 15 people at a time.
    • Use chat box in bottom right hand corner to discuss which comments from others that you agree with and which you do NOT.

Question : What is the difference between book reports and book trailers?

Book Trailer Discussion

Book Trailer Gallery Walkthrough Activity or

View Book Trailers samples from below

Table Group:

  • Canyou see the difference between a book report and a book trailer?
  •  What advice would you give to yourself for creating a good book trailer?
  • What makes a good book trailer?
    • Co-construction criteria of  “What Makes A Good Book Trailer”

Wrap-Up: For our next time together,  bring a current book (copyright last two years) appropriate for your grade assignment and inital ideas for a book trailer.

Day 2

  • Review criteria for what makes a good book trailer that was brainstormed last meeting
  • Five Basics Steps –
      1. The text
      2. The photos/artwork/video clips
      3. The soundtrack – either music or sound effects
      4. The narration (optional)
      5. A working knowledge of your video/image/audio editing software
  • Begins with Storyboading
  • Organizing Folders
  • Digital Citzenship
  • Gathering Media:
    • Images
      • Use Copyright Free or Creative Commons images
      • Note the photographer and the url for photo for use on your Credits page
    • Narration
      • Try narrating in one setting.
      • Use emotion.
      • Is your voice loud enough?
    • Music, Sound Effects
      • Does it match the mood?
      • Does it enhance the story?


  • Does your trailer convince the viewer to read this book?
  • Remember you are focusing on the problem of the story and 1 or 2 characters


September 14, 2012



 Animoto is a Web 2.0 tool that produces videos from photos, video clips and music.

Video Slideshow Maker with Music:

  • Mix audio and visuals for a presentation
  • A nice addition to your classroom’s digital storytelling kit
  • Great for creating Book Trailers – Animoto utilizes “MTV Style” editing to show brief clips of a specific subject or theme set to music.
  • Webinars for the New Animoto Video Creation Process


Book Trailer Examples:

  • A Bite of Mango – SPS Grade 6 student


October 17, 2011

Movie Maker Book Trailers

 Movie Maker Book Trailers

        • They Call Me Red – SPS Students

October 17, 2011

Photo Story – Possibilities

Photo Story

What is it?

Photo Story is a software for creating digital storytelling projects. You can add pictures, music, voice, transitions, and effects to make your stories come to life!


Book Trailer Examples:


October 16, 2011

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I'll be putting together a separate area on this website for everything Knights Trail related, from the initial design to work in progress shots, so I'll keep this brief for now.

I also designed some prints, an animated trailer and a billboard to go alongside this sculpture. The prints are being sold here in Lincoln at the Visitor Information Centre as well as my Etsy shop (which will go live again very soon) The trailer can be viewed here on my website or over on my Vimeo Channel :

'Welcome to Knight Time'

I'll post up images of the billboard when it's up on the building but it was the biggest piece of artwork I've had to do so far measuring 4m x 3m.

If you are in the area be sure to check out the Knights Trail as there are some fantastic designs on show and plenty of good pubs along the way.


As well as painting this sculpture I also had my commissioned picture book work to do which included Jake Bakes a Monster Cake, my next book publishing with Macmillan inSeptember. It's written by the fabulous Lucy Rowland (Pirate Pete and his Smelly Feet) and features Jake who wants to cook up a storm in the kitchen and bake his best friend Sam a cake. His friends, however, have other ideas! It was a lot of fun to do and the paperback version comes with stinky stickers, similar to Pirate Pete (these smell worse though!)


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